Marketing Consulting

We guide your company in the development and implementation of marketing strategies.

Personalized support every step of the way.

If execution of Digital Marketing services, such as search engine optimization of your website or paid campaign management, alone isn’t enough for your business — or if, perhaps, you don’t even know where to begin —, then marketing consultancy is the right solution for you.

From support in the creation of your multichannel marketing strategy to the implementation of solutions that best respond to the needs of your target audience, Chibious will be at your side to ensure your success.

We count on marketing professionals with years of experience managing and implementing Digital Marketing strategies and solutions to be there always in the development of your project.


Creation of the marketing plan

We build your complete marketing plan, going from the stipulation of your business goals, through the definition of the main key performance indicators (KPI), to the choice of appropriate channels and control of the attained results.

Creation of the brand’s digital identity

We establish your online presence, prepare your channels and determine your communication so that your message reaches your audience in the way best suited and most prone towards the best results.

Implementation of the marketing strategy

We’re not just strategists – we’re also doers. Our consulting also comes through in the implementation of everything you need for your digital success, whether that’s public relations (PR), social media presence and/or ad campaigns.

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