We are Chibious Chibious the friendly digital agency in the heart of Braga.

We ❤️ Digital Marketing

From search engines to social media, by way of website optimization and content creation, we have a crush on communication and advertising in digital media.

It’s this love and dedication that we pass on to all our client projects, using our knowledge and experience to bring your brand and your products or services to the right audience.

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Our services

  • Search Engine Advertising

    Advertising on search engines is still one of the best ways to get quick results and stand out in the crowd. Our team relies on certified and experienced professionals to create and manage campaigns that really bring results.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Showing up on search engines such as Google is easier than you think – but getting to those first places is a lot harder! We combine technical know-how with best practices (and strong content) to help you reach the top for the keywords that matter.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Nowadays, what brand can survive without social media? From choosing the appropriate networks to implementing a content plan, we can get you to stand out for the right crowd and make your followers become true fans of your brand.

  • Content Marketing

    Content Marketing is one of the cornerstones of Digital Marketing, but you can’t just create content with no regard to quality and expect results. Investing on a team of specialists that know what they’re doing will make all the difference for the future of your online presence.

  • Marketing Consulting

    If you need more personalized support, someone who’s there by your side every step of the way, from creating the strategy to executing the marketing plan and following up on results, then consulting is your answer.

  • Web Development

    From specific marketing solutions, such as landing pages, to more complex projects like E-commerce stores, we answer your needs with responsive web development that is optimized for what matters most.

Some of our clients

We pride ourselves on helping outstanding brands grow and surpass challenges. Here are just some of the members of our hall of fame:

  • Catarina Martins Shoes Catarina Martins Shoes
  • Elsa Barreto
  • Manuel Alves
  • Dental Light Clínicas Dental Light
  • Primavera Business Software Solutions Primavera Business Software Solutions
  • Jasmin Software Jasmin Software
  • Recomendo Business Network Recomendo Business Network

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