SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Optimization strategies to make your Web pages climb the search results.

We fine-tune your website to achieve better positions in search engines

When a user is looking for any information, their first instinct is to perform a search, most likely in their smartphone or other mobile device.

This also applies, increasingly so, to searches for products and services, which is why it is essential to be on the top results of searches for the right keywords.

Search engine optimization, commonly known as “SEO”, is a combination of methodologies with the goal of increasing your website’s traffic through the natural, or “organic”, search results.

Chibious is a specialized SEO agency

Counting with professionals certified by Google itself, Chibious combines SEO technical knowledge (on-page optimization, structured data, link building and more) with the best practices of content creation, so that your Web pages have a better probability of attaining the first results in searches for relevant keywords.


SEO Consulting

Consultancy adapted to your project and your goals. Recommendations based on the current condition of your positioning and continuous management of your evolution in the search results. Recommended both for pre-existing websites as well as new web projects that wish to think of SEO from the get-go.

SEO Audit

Detailed analysis on your website’s current state with a report on existing flaws in your site’s indexing and recommendations based on opportunities of positioning in your segment, done by a certified professional.

Local SEO

Local SEO presents excellent opportunities to reach potential clients in your geographical area. We optimize your Web pages, alongside other SEO actions, so that you can attain better positioning for searches in your operating areas.

Small Business SEO

Being on the top spot of search engine searches doesn’t mean you have to be a big company. We develop strategies for small businesses so that you can grow through organic traffic.

Content Marketing

Creation of high-quality content optimized for search engines, with the best SEO practices in mind.

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