Web Development

Establish your online presence from a perspective of marketing, optimization and performance.

Creating a website isn’t just design and code

All web platforms have a purpose, whether that is promoting a brand, selling products directly, reaching new clients for B2B services or any other business goal.

As such, every single webpage must be conceived, first of all, with the end user and the goal it must attain in mind.

At Chibious, we think of Marketing first, development right after

Our difference as an agency is that we see everything from a Marketing viewpoint, including your website or the specialized web solution you’re looking for. Our search engine optimization (SEO) speciality means that our development follows the best practices in regards to development, speed, semantic structure, usability and content.

We develop web projects mostly on WordPress, the most popular content management system (CMS) in the market. Responsible for over 30% of websites, WordPress is a flexible and well-structured tool that serves as the basis for our custom-built development — we don’t use bought pre-made themes.

Types of solutions we develop

Landing pages

For specific Digital Marketing campaign purposes, we develop specialized pages oriented towards conversions according to your campaign’s key performance indicators.


When your project goes beyond a simple landing page, we create dedicated and optimized microsites to showcase your brand, product or service. Whether it’s one page or a set of simple pages custom-built for a purpose, our microsites are accessible and optimized Marketing solutions.


Nothing trumps content on the web and one of the best ways to share that content is through a blog. We develop blogs with custom bespoke themes for your branding and integrated structured data to give you more screen estate on Google.

Institutional websites

Your company has to be on the Internet, that’s not debatable. But you can either have an old-fashioned institutional website that does not reflect your identity and with maladjusted content, or a custom-made platform, designed by marketing professionals that know what it takes to get your content to stand out not only with users, but also with the search engines that lead those users to you.

E-commerce stores

Selling online is easier than ever, but standing out from the crowd and satisfying clients is an increasingly complex challenge. With our help, you can have an online store not only with the best practices of usability and performance, but also optimized for Google and prepared with advanced Digital Marketing tools.

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