Chibious is a digital agency specialized in Marketing

But we're more than that.


Definition of chibiously:

  1. with commitment, dedication, know-how, even some affection;
  2. when the choice of digital agency is obvious.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves

We’re a young digital agency from Braga, Portugal focused on Digital Marketing. We started off small but with years of accumulated experience, which we continue to develop to do the very best for our clients, because that’s what truly matters to us. We have a variety of specialized services to help your idea grow. We’re friendly, always in a good mood and constantly ready to take your calls or answer your emails. And we do everything chibiously.

(Oh, and it’s pronounced “chee bee us”.)

Photo of the company's co-founders, Diogo Ferreira and Helena Sousa

It all started with Helena and Diogo.

These two looked at the market and saw that there were plenty of companies doing exactly what they can do so well, but, more often than not, clients waited days in a row, the phone rang but nobody answered, projects weren’t delivered on time and nobody even cared.

😱 Say it ain’t so!

Believing that clients deserve better than that, Helena and Diogo rolled up their sleeves, metaphorically speaking (though sometimes literally), and created a friendlier agency, more concerned with their clients and dedicated to keep improving and deliver nothing short of excellence.

And thus, Chibious was born!

Want to know us better?

Great! It’s mutual. 🙂 Send us a message and we’ll get back to you very soon!

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