Social Media Marketing

Increase your reach and achieve results with professional social media campaigns.

The world is social.

Over a billion. That’s the number of users for YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook — all of them social media channels for certain audiences and with certain toolsets.

That means unimaginable reach for the companies that can leverage all the potential of these marketing channels.

As such, countless businesses are active on social media, trying to reach their target audience and drive enough attention to turn reach into sales.

We’ll help you stand out amidst the noise and get in front of the right audience.

More than just manage, we create Social Media Marketing

From specialized content creation and professional post planning to social media advertising and advanced segmentation methods, Chibious develops social media strategies in order to get your company results, whether they be awareness, potential clients for your business or even sales on your E-commerce store.


Social media planning

Creation of a complete social media plan, with a study of the market segment and appropriate channels, benchmarking, post scheduling and promotion for greater reach.

Social media management

Professional social media management, including development of written and visual content.

Social media advertising

Creation of pay-per-click campaigns on various social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Messenger and WhatsApp, with geographic, demographic and psychographic segmentation.

Remarketing, custom audiences and lookalike audiences

Implementation of advanced social media marketing tools for a complete conversion-oriented strategy.

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